Disney+ will be a Big Project of Walt Disney: It will stream Marvel shows

Disney has decided to step towards the launch of Disney+ with streaming Marvel shows. Walt Disney has to face huge competition with Netflix. 

Many well-established companies have decided this too and failed in the internet age. However, Disney believes they won’t be one of them. Disney promised to show full original content to their consumers. And Consumers are actually waiting for the launch of Disney+. 

In 1923, when Disney started, they never imagined anything like Netflix. But now, everything is here, they are bringing everyone’s favorite characters for the launch. 

Like, The Mandalorian, is speculated to be the first premiere on the platform. The show will be based on the Star Wars universe about an interplanetary bounty hunter. With this, disney+ will be about streaming content for characters in the Marvel Universe. 

Disney is spending too much to make Disney+ a huge success

To create all this content and streaming services, Disney is actually spending millions. All the Star Wars series and the Marvel movies will be available on the Platform. 

The company’s budget for 2020 is nearly $1 billion dollars. Out of this budget, the maximum share belongs to the Marvel shows. 

Sources revealed that there will be three marvel shows will be released on the platform. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Hawkeye, and WandaVision will be in the Marvel Universe. Each show is reported to cost up to $25 million per episode. Accordingly $500 million will be the cost of 20 episodes. However, The Mandalorian will cost up to nearly $15million per episode.