Dish’s New Wireless 5G Phone Service Might Be Called Sling Wireless

For buying Boost Mobile and other additional assets from T-Mobile, Dish has agreed as a part of the spring merger with T-Mobile. Dish had already been working on its individual wireless network and also owns a big catalog of the spectrum it plans to utilize. Now with this Dish will soon be the 4th largest wireless providers in the United States.

Back in the year 2017, Dish was starting to really put up up its wireless efforts and registered With registered it is probably hinting that Dish plans to employ the Sling TV brand for launching its wireless phone services as a substitute for the Dish brand.

During an interview with DISH’s Chairman Charlie Ergen, in December 2018, Ergen said that the 5G will be their ‘Manhattan Project’. Probably giving a look at just how significant this new service is to Dish.

He also added, ‘I grew up in this small town known as Oak Ridge, Tennessee, which was well-known for being part of the Manhattan Project’. 

‘It took them 4 years to design as well as build the atomic bomb. And that’s the same time it’s going to take us to design and build the supreme 5G network. And we are in the primary year of building that today.’

As per the earlier interview with Charlie Ergen, DISH plans to expend approximately 10 billion for building their 5G network. In the recent FCC auction, DISH won the spectrum for its 5G network. Moreover, DISH has also announced that they have contracts to license spectrum from other organizations to assist them to build out their 5G network.

Hence, keep an eye on wireless plans of Dish as it appears clear that wireless is going to be one of the main focus of Dish going forward.