Deep Run High School junior football player Gabe Henderson dies in accident on Lake Anna

On Monday, Gabe Henderson, Deep Run High School’s junior-level football player, succumbed to his injuries after a deadly boating accident that happened at Lake Anna. The accident involved multiple people, as well as Josh Alrich, the school’s baseball coach.

As per reports, four people entered the water by the Moody Town Road & the efforts helped recover a minor’s body. However, three others involved in the accident were rescued. Two of these students belonged to the Deep Run, and the last rescued individual belonged to the Glen Allen.

A video that was posted to a social media website under the name of Henderson showed that he, along with others, were riding a motorboat of small size and were seen smiling. After this, a foot high water was seen inside the boat. The final few seconds of the video showed that the boat had almost submerged & the ones riding it were seen standing deep in the water.

As per WRIC reports, the boat was capsized & 3 of the individuals happened to make it to the shore. Henderson, as per Aldrich, was a popular kid among the teachers as well as students and was kind as well. He was a substantial part of the community.