Decay of Logos is to be released and has a resemblance to The Legend Of Zelda and Breath of the Wild

Decay of Logos is to be released by the end of the month globally. There is a series of release dates for the role-playing game, 27th August being the release date for PS4 and 29th August 2019, being the release date for Nintendo Switch. Xbox One and PC (Steam and Utomik) version will be released a day later.

Decay of Logos seems to be a very engaging game and is played on a third-person perspective. The players get a lot of quests to go on and the combat style is very interesting.

The main character of the game is Ada, who is accompanied by an elk. Ada is set out for a mission to get revenge on Crimson Knights who destroyed her village. On the same day, she met her mystical elk. She is determined to know the reason for the attack and unveil the truth.

If you have played “The Legend of Zelda” or have enjoyed playing “Breath of the Wild”, then you are sure to get immersed in the world of Decay of Logos.

Decay of Logos has a lot of resemblance with games like The Legend of Zelda and Dark Souls. If you don’t believe me, then go and take a look at the trailer.

As the game progresses forward, the relationship between Ada and the elk grows; they get to bond with each other. The game’s graphics give a cartoon vibe but you will be fully into the game when you start playing it. The whole exploration and quest are to find the truth about Crimson Knights.

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The quest is not only about combat, but there are also lots of puzzles to solve, where you have to pick up your brain, otherwise you will be at loss.

The game world is mysterious and full of evil and there is a chance that Ada can be consumed by it, so be careful. There are fascinating long and short-range weapons in the game which will provide good hand over the enemy.

The game is must play if you like mystical environments and eerie niche.