Darrell Brooks asked what was going on downtown after Waukesha tragedy

The unwitting host of the suspect in the deadly Christmas parade rampage in Wisconsin said the ex-con nonchalantly asked him if there was “something going on downtown” — moments after he allegedly plowed through the crowd.

Daniel Rider told CBS News that he was sitting in his living room watching the Dallas Cowboys play the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday when Darrell Brooks knocked on his door and asked for help.

Brooks appeared to be shivering, so the homeowner invited him inside, lent him his jacket and even made him a sandwich as the stranger borrowed his phone to call his mother and waited for an Uber.

The kindly man said his own mother had told him the message of a church sermon about helping the homeless, which Brooks claimed he was.

“So I was like, ‘Oh! This was my chance to help somebody. I’m going to warm him up and give him some food,’” said Rider, who whipped up a sandwich for Brooks.

“I had no idea anything was happening,” Daniel Rider said.
Darrell Brooks with hands up.
Daniel Rider’s Ring doorbell camera also captured Darrell Brooks getting arrested.
Daniel Rider via NBC News

But with his phone in Brooks’ hands, Rider missed alerts to shelter in place, according to the news outlet.

“I had no idea anything was happening,” he said. “He is telling me that, ‘Oh, is there something going on downtown?’ I was like, ‘There’s a parade today.’ And he was like, ‘Oh, that’s probably the parade.’

Darrell Brooks.
“Is there something going on downtown?” Darrell Brooks reportedly asked Daniel Rider.
Waukesha County Sheriff’s Department/MEGA

“So he was just completely putting on a face and lying about everything,” Rider told David Begnaud, lead national correspondent for “CBS Mornings,” adding that his guest “was so polite.”

“He was nice to me. He listened to everything I told him to do. Now, knowing what he just did moments before that, it’s hard to even wrap your head around,” Rider said.

Rider said he asked Brooks to leave when he noticed that he became nervous when a police car was in the neighborhood.

Part of the odd encounter was seen on Rider’s Ring doorbell camera, which also captured the suspect being arrested.

Brooks is charged with five counts of first-degree intentional homicide, but prosecutor Susan Opper said Tuesday that he will be hit with a sixth charge following the death of Jackson Sparks, 8, who had been in critical condition after the attack.