Dale Moss only went on ‘The Bachelorette’ because of Clare Crawley

Dale Moss revealed that he was offered a spot on “The Bachelorette” three times before deciding to go on specifically for Clare Crawley.

The former football player talked about his journey to being cast on the ABC reality show on “Raising The Bar,” an entrepreneurship podcast from DryBar founder Alli Webb and her executive coach and boyfriend Adrian Koehler.

Crawley famously “blew up ‘The Bachelorette’” weeks into Season 16 after getting engaged to Moss. She was replaced by Tayshia Adams, who is now engaged to contestant Zac Clark.

“I was nominated, I never actually signed up. I turned it down over, and over, and over again,” Moss told the hosts. “I actually finally committed to it four days before everyone was supposed to leave for the show. And the only reason I committed to it was because Clare was
announced [as the] Bachelorette at that time.”

Moss told Webb and Koehler that though he had never watched the show, Crawley’s “presence” convinced him to sign on. “When she was announced on ‘Good Morning America’ and came out, and she was so confident and passionate about it,” the 32-year-old remembered. “From that little interaction, I just believe that we already had something at that moment. And that’s really what compelled me to kind of go on the show in the first place.”

Though he admitted to struggling with being in the public eye, Moss is “excited” about finding the one.

“My dad said this, ‘when someone’s souls connect, everything else will work itself out,’” he said. “At the core, when you see, and believe in someone and what they’re all about, you can really make anything work.”

During the conversation, Moss also spoke openly about his childhood and his experiences being raised by a father who was dealing with heroin addiction and the challenges he faced being bi-racial.

“The Bachelorette” finale aired in December. Season 25 of “The Bachelor” is currently airing, starring Matt James.

Dale and Clare makeout on a bed during the group date.
Dale and Clare infamously went missing from the customary “group date” — for a hot and heavy private make out session.