Cyntoia Brown freed from jail after more than 10 years of life sentence served

Cyntoia Brown, who was convicted back in 2006 of killing an alleged sex trafficker, was set free from jail early Wednesday after over a decade served.

Brown, who is now 31, was convicted of murdering 43-year-old Johnny Mitchell Allen, a real estate broker in Tennessee.

The investigators said that Cyntoia Brown shot Allen on the backside of his head at a very close range using a gun in an effort to rob him after he brought her for having sex in exchange of money.

Brown testified that she shot Allen in self-defense when she saw him reach out for a gun under the bed. She said that he forced her for entering prostitution at the age of 16 and physically and verbally abused her when she escaped from her foster family back in 2004.

cyntoia brown
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At the trial, the attorney representing Brown said she was a sex trafficking victim

and argued that she did not have the mental ability to resist Allen due to impairment since birth.

Brown was sentenced to life. However, in the month of January, the then-Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam granted Brown executive clemency after famous celebrities advocated for her release.

Haslam said that the life in prison sentence was too harsh for an offense that Brown admitted she had committed when she was a teen, especially considering the steps that she undertook in order to reconstruct her life.

Brown earned her General Educational Development (GED) and finished her studies with the Lipscomb University while serving her sentence.

Brown will stay on parole for ten years, subject to conditions that she doesn’t violate any federal or state laws or hold a job as well as takes part in regular counseling sittings.

Before being released on Wednesday, Cyntoia Brown had met the prison counselors in order to design a life plan for the outside, said Tennessee’s Department of Corrections.