Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 1.1– How Much Has the Game Actually Improved for Previous Generation of Consoles?

Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 1.1– How Much Has the Game Actually Improved for Previous Generation of Consoles?

CD Projekt RED has finally released the long-awaited patch 1.1 for its highly controversial game, Cyberpunk 2077. The patch finally released on the 22nd of January, over a month after the game’s disastrous launch. With a roadmap for all future updates laid out by the developers, players have had huge expectations with the new patch.

One of the patch’s selling points has been the drastic changes it has brought for the previous generation of consoles, such as the Xbox One and the PS4. The game plays poorly with major crashes, glitches, bugs and even though CD Projekt has promised a lot of updates, the new patch definitely showed that there is a still long way for the game to improve.

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Cyberpunk 2077’s new update brings minimal performance upgrade

One of the major qualms of the game was the horrible performance on older consoles such as Xbox One and PS4. Even though the game’s design depended on the previous-gen consoles, the performance was unacceptable. The game had various hitches and frame-rate issues, with many gameplay issues limiting the game to under 20 fps.

A few improvements can be seen with the new patch update. For instance, in certain situations such as driving a car, the frame-rate has improved from a lowly 20 fps to a forgivable 25-30 FPS. Although it is still far from ideal, it’s a start. Also, in shooting and combat environments, the performance has improved by 4-5 FPS.

Bug fixes and crashes

Patch 1.10‘s biggest success lies in the number of crashes it has reduced. The new patch irons out most of the crashes players were experiencing on the menu screen and during cut-scenes. Although the crashes haven’t yet been completely eliminated, players can breathe a sigh of relief seeing as the developers are moving in the right direction.

While the game shows signs of improvement in the crashes department, bugs continue to ruin the experience heavily. The new patch still doesn’t improve on a lot of the major bugs in the game. Environment rendering, NPC movement, and glitches such as the invisible car still continue to affect it.

Although the game still contains a lot of the issues that have pertained from day 1, the complete timeline for updates provided by the developer instills a sense of hope in the community. The question that remains is if CD Projekt can somehow pull it back with this game, as it had successfully done with The Witcher 3.

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