Review: What you can buy with bitcoins

Even if you are new to the world of cryptocurrency, you’ve probably heard of bitcoin and its takeover of the cryptocurrency market. As the largest cryptocurrency by market cap, many businesses have begun to note the potential spend power currency holders now have. More businesses have warmed up to the idea and begun accepting bitcoin directly through their storefront. Alternatively, users may browse through a Cryptocurrency Marketplace to access sellers who accept bitcoin from around the world.

With many options, consumers likely wonder: what exactly can I buy with bitcoin in 2021?

1.  Supercars

Supercars from Aston Martin, Lamborghini, and other popular brands are available for purchase with bitcoin. CryptoExchange is a cryptocurrency marketplace that makes it easy to facilitate these purchases. Users can simply browse through the available offerings and message a seller when they find a vehicle they like. When both the buyer and seller are pleased with the agreement, users can create an account using an email and password. The platform will handle the execution of the agreement and ensure funds are secure. After doing so, CryptoExchange releases payment to the seller.

2.  Nike products

Although the Nike store may not directly accept bitcoin, cryptocurrency enthusiasts can use a website called Coincards to buy gift cards from many different merchants using bitcoin. CoinCards is a handy option if the stores a user is looking to purchase from don’t accept bitcoin. The added benefit is that a user’s identity is still kept anonymous like that of bitcoin. How so? Users buy gift cards with bitcoin through their wallet address. Once they arrive at the store, users pay using gift cards in place of cash.

3.  Cell phone service

AT&T is the first major cellular network provider to accept bitcoin in both the United States and the United Kingdom. To facilitate payments, At&T uses a cryptocurrency payment processor. When checking out on the mobile app, users will just need to select “pay with BitPay.” Virgin Mobile has also begun accepting bitcoin for its services.

4.  Flights

Alternative Airlines is an airline booking platform that offers flights from Alaska Airlines, Delta, Southwest, United, and many more airlines around the world. Users can browse through a list of flights until they have found a suitable one. Next, they can select “Cryptocurrency payment” as their payment method. Bitcoin will come up as a payment method, and users can follow the on-screen steps to finalize their payment.

Additionally, Norwegian Airlines, one of the largest budget airlines in Europe, also accepts bitcoin in exchange for their flights.

5.  Ice cream

Through the Spedn app, users can pay for an ice cream cone or cake at Baskin Robbins. The Flexa network, a subsidiary of Gemini, is home to the Spedn app, which aims to process payments between merchants and the blockchain. Merchants who accept bitcoin through the Spedn app don’t need a point-of-sale upgrade and can simply scan the user’s app. Businesses don’t directly accept cryptocurrency since the app instantly transfers a user’s bitcoin into fiat currency to pay for your ice cream.

6.  A night at a Vegas hotel

The Golden Gates Hotel & Casino and the D are two hotel locations that accept bitcoin at their hotels. BitPay processes payments made with bitcoin, and cashiers are equipped with the knowledge to help facilitate these transactions. The two hotel locations both agreed that accepting bitcoin was in direct response to customer demand. Rocket Fizz and the Ketchup Burger Bar also have bitcoin ATMs for visitor use for those who decide to make the trek down.

7.  An Internet archive

A website known as the Internet Archive in San Francisco offers free public access to collections of digitized materials, including music, movies, ebooks, websites, and even has a “WaybackTimemachine.” The aim of this company is to one day become the “universal access to all knowledge.” For users that want to support this goal, the platform accepts donations in bitcoin.

8.  Limo ride

A Class Limousine is a company based out of New Jersey. This service provides sedans, limousines, vans, and shuttle buses for travel in the region around Newark (N.J.) Airport.

The future of bitcoin payments

Bitcoin adoption continues to grow with each year and bull market run of the cryptocurrency. While there still may be a long way to go before all companies accept bitcoin, big brands like Microsoft, Newegg, and Overstock continue to lead small and medium-sized businesses to do the same. As a result, the list of locations continues to grow, and new payment providers make it easier for businesses to accept bitcoin at their storefronts.