Courteney Cox Teases Co-Star for “Off Limits” Friends Obsession

She’ll be there for you, as long as you don’t cross a line. 

Courteney Cox just hilariously called out her Scream co-star Melissa Barrera for being a little too obsessed with Friends.

“Some things are off limits,” Courteney wrote on Instagram, while sharing a comedy video of the duo, in which Melissa pretends she lives in the apartment building that was used as Monica Geller’s New York residence in the sitcom.

“Where are you going?” Courteney asks her on the street. “I’m just going home,” Melissa, 31, responds. 

“Oh, you’re going home. Hm, that’s weird. I don’t think that’s your home,” the 57-year-old actress says of the famed building. “I’m actually really happy you joined the Scream cast, but this is not OK. This is off limits.” 

Melissa pleads, “Come on, Court.” But she doesn’t back down: “No, Melissa. No. There’s only so much. Come on, go back to the Heights,” she remarks, referencing Melissa’s role as Vanessa in the musical movie In the Heights.