Controversial Music Videos of Lana Del Rey

Controversies and Lana Del Rey seem to be good friends as each of them follows the other. Earlier, the lyrics of her songs were taken as romanticize toxic relationships which created a lot of buzz.  Later on, her published feuds with Azealia Banks and Kanye West was seen speaking her mind regardless of who will be offended. Lana Del Rey’s career would never have been the same without her penchant for composing and creating music videos. Here are some of her pro-active clips:


The song is all about the singer asking her lover to come down to California to be with her and spend time. The singer had decided to marry “Freak” to a video which depicted her as a member of the cult which was led by her father John Misty. The video features a scene where the members of the cult are seen drinking Kool-Aid. Does the video raise a number of questions such as why did the singer associate her song with cult leaders? The question is open for the audiences to ponder upon.

National Anthem

The music video opens with a Marilyn Monroe‘ s recreation of “Happy Birthday, Mr. President”. In the video, the singer plays Jackie Kennedy and is seen having some intimate moments. The video finally ends with a recreation of Zapruder film as she gave a monologue about her love for her husband.

Lana Del Rey has also been accused of supporting abusive relationships and has been the talk of the town ever since then. It’s up to the audience to decide and interpret.