Constellation recognized by NASA as Godzilla claims a corner of space

When Godzilla made his screen debut long back in 1954, he was, like most Japanese media of the era, designed only for Japan. However, in the decades since, the King of the Monsters has expanded his dominion by appearing in theaters around the world.

That international recognition even helped the kaiju earn his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Now Godzilla finds himself among not just in movie stars, but even in celestial ones as well, as NASA recently announced a Godzilla constellation.

The Godzilla constellation is not made up of stars, though. The astronomic artwork is formed of gamma rays instead, as observed by NASA’s Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope. Launched a decade back in 2008, NASA is marking the satellite’s decade in service by establishing as many as 21 gamma-ray constellations. Similar to how stargazers of yore took inspiration from the ancient legends, the space agency is now saluting modern mythos with constellations referencing not only to Godzilla, but also to Star Trek, The Incredible Hulk as well as The Little Prince.