Con-Ed workers use digger to stop looters taking Gucci handbags

Con-Ed workers use digger to stop looters taking Gucci handbags

Construction workers used a digger to save dozens of expensive Gucci handbags from being stolen by looters early Tuesday — by scooping them out of the criminals’ reach, an eyewitness told The Post.

Thieves who ransacked designer stores in Soho filled at least 10 large black plastic bags with pricey loot which they stashed on the street to be mistaken for garbage.

When they came to pick it up Tuesday, they found they were beaten to it by Con Ed workers — who safely lifted it high in the air in the front of their excavator, a witness told The Post.

“They just said, ‘No way’ and lifted the bucket at least three stories high,” neighbor Rhonda Roland Shearer said.

“The trash bags were stuffed with Gucci handbags — it must have been worth easily hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

At least two suspected looters made threats to the unexpected heroes during tense confrontations — but the workers remained defiant in keeping the loot safely out of reach.

Police did not show up to help despite several calls for help — with one responding officer instead just driving off, the neighbor said.

The workers eventually helped offload the pricey merchandise to Gucci store security when they arrived at the Wooster Street location, Shearer said.

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