Coca-Cola will soon bring its first-ever energy beverage to the US in 2020

Coca-Cola is entering into the energy beverage market, posing a competition to giants like Monster and Red Bull.

On Tuesday, Coco-Cola made an announcement that it’ll be launching an energy drink for the first time to the US next year. The upcoming drink will be marketed under the Coca-Cola Energy brand and will be coming in cherry and original varieties and zero-sugar options for each.

The beverage had already debuted previously this year across 25 international countries, mainly throughout Europe. But this is the first time that it will be launching in the US.

However, the cherry variants were newly formulated for the US launch.

Coming to the ‘energy’ factor, these 4 varieties of Coca-Cola energy drinks contain 114mg of caffeine in each can. This is more than the 34mgs of caffeine that a Coke can contain.

As per Janki Gambhir from Coca-Cola, research showed that consumers needed an energy beverage that tastes similar to Coke rather than a regular energy drink. This is the reason why the firm took the decision of entering the energy drink segment, Gambhir added.

The firm saw the potential to meet an un-catered demand in the energy drink category, said Gambhir.

Coca-Cola remains a major Monster Energy drink distribution partner and a minority owner as well. The announcement of the launch of the energy drink came in after arbitration between the two firms. Coca-Cola and Monster Energy were in a dispute which had resulted in the violation of the noncompetition agreement.

Talking about how the drink tastes? Reviews of consumers abroad have been quite mixed. A few say that the energy drink is basically a Coke containing more of the amount of caffeine while others say that it tastes ‘chemical-like.’

The 4 upcoming beverages will likely be launched in the US in the first month of 2020. So, you can go ahead and taste it for yourself to know more about its taste.