Coca Cola to introduce its new Cherry Vanilla Coke in the market

Looking out for ways to keep the consumers stable and expanding, Coca-Cola is to bring Cherry Vanilla Coke to the market.

Seeking inspiration from its Freestyle fountains of soda, Coca-Cola will be launching Cherry Vanilla Coke next week. The new flavor will hit the market in bottles and cans with Zero-Sugar and normal variations.

With continuous innovations and products, the company is looking out for an expanded market. For instance, coming up with the recent Coke Coffee, the company poses its rivals a good competition.

Furthermore, Coke Energy in the United States has been one of the major steps for the beverage giant. The company also took to introduce the Orange-Vanilla flavor back in 2019.

Moreover, Coca-Cola is aware of soda going out of trend as consumers look forward to nutritional values as well. Therefore, to bring changes in the approach by the company, Coca-Cola is looking forward to serving the evolving market.

Therefore, the preferences of its consumers are of immense importance. The Freestyle fountains have been a major help aiding feedback to the company.

With about 51,000 Freestyle fountains of soda, the company remains informed of the consumer choices. Although the individual statistics and preferences are in the dark, the company remains aware of the ounces of particular drinks consumed.

Therefore, the fountains were used to reveal that the Cherry Vanilla cokes are in use the most.

Oana Vlad, the Brand Director of Coca-Cola said that the company looks forward to staying informed about consumer choices. Therefore, although the Freestyle fountains are not the only way for the company to get consumer feedback, it is one of their favorites.    

However, the new flavor that is to hit the market is amongst the flavors under the core company’s production. The previous release of Orange Vanilla flavor has been a permanent flavor released since 2007.