Classic Types of Casino Food, What Kind of Food Do Players Prefer?

What sort of food casinos serve and what you should serve if you are hosting a casino party depends on a number of factors? Different people prefer different foods and of course, budget bears a great significance in food choices.

In this article, we are going to discuss the types of foods casinos serve, what regular players tend to go for and give you some ideas in case you are about to host a casino party! Amy Martinsson, a Swedish iGaming expert gave her insights into this topic. Read more about Amy here.

Casino complexes with restaurants

In Las Vegas, most casinos are inside hotel complexes and naturally, these also feature restaurants. The selection of restaurants and which types of casino foods they serve will depend on how exclusive the casino is and therefore you have different low, medium and high budget options. For example, the Excalibur hotel is one of the cheaper options in Vegas. This hotel complex boasts a food court with Chinese buffet options, McDonalds and Crispy Creme Donuts restaurants. But wonder inside the Bellagio to find the two Michelin star restaurant, Picasso at your service.

Often, these casinos don’t allow food consumption on the casino floor but why would you, when restaurants are just a few minutes walk away.

If you are allowed to eat at the casino table, you should do so with respect. Eating a sandwich or something bite-size is fine. Also eating with a fork and knife some non-messy food that you won’t spill on the table is acceptable. However, don’t lick your fingers and then handle the casino chips as this habit can, understandably, irritate others.

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What to serve at a casino party?

Organizing a casino party is a great idea as people will be more engaged and relaxed over exciting games like craps or roulette and friendly competitions can form around poker tables. When people are going to be busy playing and walking between tables, they should have something easy to snack on. That being said, if it is a dinner party, you will have to serve something more than finger food.


If your budget is finite and/or you don’t want to hire lots of waiting staff, go for a buffet. You can offer foods like fish or chicken fingers, slices of chicken breast or salmon, rice, chips and salads. The buffet table should also include desserts such as different cakes, pastries, tarts and cupcakes. If you offer buffet-type dining, people will have to be able to sit down at tables that can be away from the casino tables.


Serving canapés is a fancy option and will probably be appreciated by your guests. These bite-sized pieces of sweet and savoury finger foods are perfect while people are standing up chatting with each other or are busy playing cards. Don’t forget to make sure there are some vegetarian and vegan options too as it can be very awkward if some guests can’t eat anything, especially that the percentage of vegetarians in Sweden is among the highest in Europe.


You should have easy to eat salty snacks available at each casino table. The easiest options are salted peanuts, pretzels and crisps. While people are having drinks, they will want to snack on something. You can also include healthy options such as carrot and celery sticks with hummus dips.


Casino players prefer food that is the easiest and least messy to eat and sandwiches are unbeatable in this regard. Did you know that the inventor of the sandwich was an English earl who had a gambling problem? He spent hours on end at the card tables and came up with something easy to eat. Cut sandwiches in triangles and for a good presentation.


When playing and eating simultaneously you will want to have something that is easy to eat and is not messy. At a casino party, go for sandwiches, canapés, snacks or an easy to serve buffet option.