Charlize Theron is back as Cipher in Fast And Furious 9

Charlize Theron is back in Fast and Furious 9 with a fresh new look. The Oscar-winning on-screen actor joined the establishment in the eighth film, The Fate and the Furious, and it was uncovered that she’s been in the background of all the significant show since it removed an undercover work abandon racing.

The on-screen actor made her establishment debut as the fear donning digital psychological oppressor in 2017’s The Fate of the Furious, with her haircut prompting a discussion about the social assignment.

“Haven’t we, as a culture, moved past white dreadlocks?” composed writer Hunter Harris in Vulture. “Shouldn’t we know at this point? White locks are simply a definitive claim: Your hair will sever.

A photograph of her new hack was posted on Instagram Monday to stamp the arrival of her character, Cipher, to “The Fast and the Furious” establishment.


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She’s baaaaack #Fast9

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The dyed blonde fears were gone for a super-short bowl cut look with blonde features.

“She’s baaaaack,” Theron caught the photograph, which demonstrates her sporting black and red layer tank tops.

“This hair is next-level good,” January Jones commented. “But would only look good on you.”

Michael B. Jordan just left an “eyes” emoji.

“Damn we missed you!!!!!!!!!!!!” fellow “Fast and Furious” star Tyrese Gibson commented.

The ninth film is as of now underway in London and a vehicle chase scene was recorded close Buckingham Palace in the early long periods of Sunday morning.

Fast and Furious 9 is set for release on May 2020.