Celebrity Chef Gary Rhodes Dies At 59

Celebrity Chef Gary Rhodes died at the age of 59 years. Gary is known to transform the reputation of British food. He is credited in London for helping in transforming the perception of British cuisine.

During this time, the Rhodes family asked for privacy from everyone. In a statement, they thanked everyone for their love and support.

Rhode’s fellow chef expressed their sympathies to Rhodes family and kids and praised Rhodes for his life’s work. Like British chef, Jamie Oliver posted a  Rhodes picture on Instagram. He said Rhodes was a massive inspiration to him as a young chef. He added Rhodes was the person reimagined modern British cuisine with elegance and fun.

Another British chef Gordon Ramsay also dedicated some lines to Rhodes on Twitter. He wrote, Rhodes actually was a chef who put British Cuisine on the map. Sending all the love and prayers to his family. You will always be missed. 

About Rhode’s Life:

In the 1990s initially, Rhodes ran innovative British restaurants in London. Rhodes was a star in many TV shows like Hell’s Kitchen and fronted MasterChef and Rhodes Around Britain. Not only this, he authored many cookbooks.

The National newspaper in Abu Dhabi reported that since 2010, Rhodes had been residing in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Due to that, he was known for his dine-in menu at cinemas across Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The paper also reported that he’d been seen just last week filming a TV show in Dubai.