CBD Oil Benefits Vs. Side Effects

There isn’t much debate as to the potential efficacies of regular CBD consumption, helping to keep our body in tune and working to help a host of ailments from pain to anxiety to addiction to insomnia, amongst others. Always remember though, that there is a lot of junk out there that you should not be putting in your body, so look for the three CBD-qualifiers; cGMP-certified, produced in food-grade facilities and independently tested by verifiable third party labs.

And so it all naturally begs the question; before I commit to the CBD lifestyle, what are the side-effects and downsides of regular CBD Oil consumption? Now that we know there are multiple benefits, what do we need to keep an eye out for?

Thankfully, as with other uses of hemp and cannabis, they are negligible and the benefits far outweigh any potential jeopardies from partaking in the plant in its various forms, especially CBD.

Observational reports range from dry mouth/cotton mouth to nausea to drowsiness (actually a plus for those suffering from insomnia/sleep issues) to diarrhea and on fewer occasions, some reported interaction interference with pharmaceuticals (similar to how you can’t consume certain citrus while on certain medications, check with your doctor as always) and liver issues.

However, generally speaking, CBD is overall safe for regular human consumption and there are but few issues to consider prior to determining if these are the right supplements for you.

Because the production of these products vary so, finding the best quality CBD products with the highest potency and purity so that your body can actually absorb rather than flush, the CBD, is paramount in one’s decision making process. And this is where it can get tricky because there are SO many CBD options out there.

So, how does one find one that will be the most beneficial with the least downside? Simply stated, look for cGMP-certified CBD products, made in food-grade facilities and regularly tested by independent verifiable third-party labs. And the good news (or bad depending upon which side of the coin you are on) is that only 10%-15% of all CBD makers are compliant in ALL three, so decision making requires a bit of research on one’s part, but once you are there, your body will thank you.

Brands like LifesourceCBD, who produce the most pure, most potent CBD without all the additional nonsense, are cGMP-certified, produced in food-grade facilities and independently tested by verifiable third-party labs. Look for brands like this and you surely will not go in the wrong direction on your CBD journey!