Carson Wentz can date my daughter, not be Colts’ QB

The knives are out for Carson Wentz.

Colts coach Frank Reich and general manager Chris Ballard have been non-committal as to whether the quarterback will return to Indianapolis next season, and now Steve Smith is taking shots at him.

Steve Smith zinged Carson Wentz.

Smith appeared on “The Pat McAfee Show,” where McAfee, an Indianapolis resident and former punter for the Colts, was up in arms that Wentz and the Colts lost to Jacksonville in a scenario where a win gave them a playoff berth and a loss left them out.

Smith, the former receiver for the Panthers and Ravens, asked McAfee’s co-host A.J. Hawk how many linebackers keep their jobs if they repeatedly miss tackles. The obvious answer: none. A cornerback who cannot cover, or a wide receiver who can’t catch?

Carson Wentz
Carson Wentz
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“My point is, you paid the quarterback $45 million, you bet the farm and traded for him, and you’re telling me you can win the game if you minimize him throwing the ball,” Smith said, incredulous at the suggestion that the Colts should have just given Jonathan Taylor more carries.

“I’m no longer in football, but I’ll use an analogy that all of us understand,” Smith said. “If you buy a stock, and it keeps going down, there is unrealized and realized gain but at some point you’re going to have to let it go to the bottom and tell your wife, ‘Well I blew our money but hey, our financial guy’s a good guy.’

“He can’t pick any stocks! He screwed up our kid’s college fund, but he’s a good person!”

You can see where Smith was going with this.

“That’s Carson Wentz,” he said. “Carson Wentz is exactly who I would love my daughter to date. But playing football? [No].”