CamScanner no longer available on Play Store due to detection of a malware

Google has axed CamScanner, a famous app that scans documents and converts them into PDFs after researchers found that it was containing malware.

Researchers at security firm Kaspersky discovered that the app had a no. of negative reviews on its Google Play Store profile where users complained about the presence of undesired features. The app’s profile page is no longer available on the Play Store.

CamScanner’s Android version contained a malware that was injected by an advertisement module injected by the developers of the app between June and July. After getting activated, the malware was able to execute as well as download additional malign code in the backdrop.

On CamScanner, particularly, the new module was designed to show intrusive ads across Android phones. The iOS version of CamScanner isn’t affected, as per the company.

CamScanner, so far, has successfully accumulated 100mn downloads on the Android devices, claims Kaspersky. Since the revelations were published on Kaspersky’s official blog, Google took the decision to remove CamScanner from its Play Store.

CamScanner, via a statement, agreed that the malware as a result of them adding new advertisement software development kit known as AdHub in the latest version of the Android app. The company further said that it is developing a new updated build of the application for the Android app store and is also providing a direct installation from its official website.

Notably, CamScanner began making headlines for negative reasons after the company was taken over by Instig, a Chinese company. Interestingly, the malicious code discovered on the app’s latest version is known to be available pre-loaded across Chinese smartphones.

Meanwhile, for those who are looking for alternatives, there are a host of other options available. For instance, you can try Microsoft Office Lens that comes loaded with all features that you would expect a document scanning app to comprise of.