Call of Duty Warzone is Getting a Spooky Make-over This Halloween

Call of Duty Warzone is Getting a Spooky Make-over This Halloween

There is a lot going on, and there isn’t much time. Call of Duty Warzone just announced a Halloween treat for the proper horror freaks.

For the first time since ever, Verdansk is going to host a Halloween event. It is going to feature horror movie franchises, a new battle royale mode, and even a new weapon.

Before you get overwhelmed by the content drop, have a look at the official trailer for the Haunting of Verdansk event.

Two silver screen freaks are coming to Call of Duty

Players can purchase bundles featuring characters from The SAW and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Be ready to don the garb of Billy the Puppet in the SAW bundle and take an enemy operator’s choice to live or die in his own hands.

“Along with the ‘Billy’ skin for Morte, the SAW Bundle features The Phlebotomozier Lethal Equipment piece, a special throwing knife will drill into your enemies upon impact. And oh yes, there will be blood… if it lands on target.”

Furthermore, the Texas Chainsaw Massacre will feature the iconic Leatherface. In addition, there will be the “Family Heirloom” LMG blueprint which will come with a stock attachment that allows players to wield the weapon as a chainsaw.

The gore doesn’t stop there. There is a secondary weapon blueprint included that turns it into something that a butcher would use.

With a bone-breaker on one side, and a meat tenderizer on the other side, commonly used in your local slaughterhouse, which some hitchhikers claim is ‘the better way’ of slaughtering cattle.”

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New mode- Zombie Royale

“When the clock strikes midnight in Verdansk, it’s time to bring out the undead.”

Just eliminating a player in Verdansk will not be enough, now. Players when killed will turn into zombies instead of being sent to the Gulag. These zombies will sport faster speeds, heavy melee attacks, and thermal vision.

Nonetheless, Zombies can still return to their squads if they wish. Pick up two syringes to parachute back into Verdansk. The last squad with most human operators will win the undead royale rumble.

New Shotgun- JAK-12

Eat your heart out, shotgun collars: the fully automatic JAK-12 shotgun, available as part of the latest update, has enough firepower to pulverize an entire enemy squad into head cheese.”

The newest shotgun will have the highest fire rate among any variant of its genre. It will also come with unique attachments, like the 32-Round Drum Mags that allow it to have the biggest magazine size for any shotgun.

Players can acquire this weapon from the “Lacedaemon” Store bundle. The Haunting of Verdansk begins on October 20th and ends November 3rd.

Read the entirety of the patch notes for The Haunting in Verdansk here. Watch this space for more news on Call of Duty.


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