Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold War: Pros React To First Hand Gameplay

Call Of Duty Black Ops: Cold War Multiplayer reveal has just happened and the hype is through the roof. The event started off with the devs speaking about the nitty-gritty details in the multiplayer of the new Black Ops title. Five new maps were revealed. Also, everyone got a sneak peek into the new game modes coming out with Cold War. Vip Escort, Combined Arms, and Fireteam are among the new modes that are going to be introduced in this game on the beta release. A lot more was spoken about how this game will support cross-platform and cross-generation gameplay.

The second part of the reveal event focused on actual gameplay. This was done by pros and popular content creators playing the game on PS5. Live commentary of the gameplay was provided by Clint ‘Maven’ Evans and Merc. Some of the popularly known faces playing in this event were Nickmercs, Scump, TylerTeeP, FaZe Priestahh, Jericho, TimTheTatMan, and others.

All of them were essentially playing the game for the first time. Furthermore, the game modes were another surprise for them. Both Combined Arms and Vip Escort were played on the entirely new maps. These players, therefore, had to deal with a lot on the first day itself. Not only did they have to play on new and unknown territory, but they also had to grasp the new game modes.

Everything put together the maps that were played turned into gigantic chaos. Vehicles flying everywhere and explosions of all kinds taking place as these gamers figured new alleys and lanes to drop in and slay their opponents. Take a look at their initial reactions below.

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Pros react to Call Of Duty Cold War for the first time

Scump was rumored to have already become a pro on the new maps. He posted this on this Twitter two days ago,

Following that he posted this just a while back after the reveal was officially done.

The clip definitely makes you feel bad about Scump’s opponents. Nonetheless, the Chopper Gunner seems like the next overpowered scorestreak in Call Of Duty. The same Scump might be whining and raging in no time when people start spamming the overhead gunner with unlimited ammo. Also, do not assume Scump was the only person enjoying the spoils of this scorestreak. TylerTeeP and Dysmo joined the party as well.

This Black Ops 1 killstreak looks like is already the favorite one for all these pros.

TylerTeeP also got a taste of the Tank in the Crossroads map. While it is slow it also feels a bit overpowered. Nonetheless, the highlight moment was him glitching the tank while trying to turn it. It was hilarious to watch the game messing up its components in the alpha build.

Jericho, on the other hand, seemed unimpressed with the maps but no so much with the game.

Courage too provided his two cents after playing the alpha build.

Here’s a clip of FaZe Testament to complement Courage’s statement about why sniping is ‘INSANELY’ fun in this game.

These are just the initial reactions and we can expect more analytical conclusions about maps, weapons, and gameplay by tomorrow. Until then enjoy this clip of TimTheTatMan clutching it up for his team. This might be extremely rare.

Watch this space for more Call Of Duty Black Ops: Cold War news. Also, watch the multiplayer reveal trailer below.