California induces a pause to its strongest law for net neutrality

The landmark law for net neutrality by California has currently been put on hold. The attorney general of the state has agreed to a decision of refraining from enforcing this new law which is aimed at prevention of internet providers to allow favoritism for certain apps and websites. All this is taking place whilst a lawsuit is being played out at Washington.

Last December Federal Communications Commission went on to vote and overturn the net neutrality based protections ushered by Obama-era. The chairman of FCC named Ajit Pai who was appointed by the current President Donald Trump evidently pitched this repeal in an effort to deactivate the hold of federal government who used to micromanage internet being sold off to the citizens.

The lawsuit being looked over in Washington was filed by Mozilla which is a non-profit based internet browsing service provider dedicated to cater open and free internet. The company filed the lawsuit under the argument that FCC’s decision related to overturn the stances of net neutrality is in violation of federal law. Additionally, this also harms the internet innovators and users.

The currently halted law for net neutrality by California was passed dated 30th September and was to be implemented from January.