Mass General gets $1 Million pledge to fight Coronavirus

Mass General gets $1 Million pledge to fight Coronavirus

In a move to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, a philanthropist and executive for the hedge fund on Monday mentioned that he would match up the donations to $1 million for the Massachusetts General Hospital. This pledge was taken by Paloma Partners’ Chief Investment Officer and Founder, Donald Sussman, will evidently benefit the Emergency Fund for … Read more

Coca Cola to introduce its new Cherry Vanilla Coke in the market

Coca Cola Cherry Vanilla Coke

Looking out for ways to keep the consumers stable and expanding, Coca-Cola is to bring Cherry Vanilla Coke to the market. Seeking inspiration from its Freestyle fountains of soda, Coca-Cola will be launching Cherry Vanilla Coke next week. The new flavor will hit the market in bottles and cans with Zero-Sugar and normal variations. With … Read more

Disney+ will be a Big Project of Walt Disney: It will stream Marvel shows

Disney+ will be a Big Project of Walt Disney: It will stream Marvel shows

Disney has decided to step towards the launch of Disney+ with streaming Marvel shows. Walt Disney has to face huge competition with Netflix.  Many well-established companies have decided this too and failed in the internet age. However, Disney believes they won’t be one of them. Disney promised to show full original content to their consumers. … Read more

Is Chick-fil-A’s popularity at stake?


As per the reports, a newly released Drive-Thru performance study from QSR Magazine discloses the restaurants with the slowest and fastest average drive-thru times. As per the study customers usually, spend about an average of about 255 seconds or say 4.25 minutes while waiting in drive-thru lines between the speaker and the order window. At … Read more

These Cannabis Vape Cartridges causes Deadly Lung Cancer- Sources Revealed

causes Deadly Lung Cancer

Cannabis Vape Cartridges sold with the label “Dank” is predominantly causing deadly lung cancer.  The name “Dank” is used for the highly potent cannabis widely known vaping cartridge in the marijuana economy. The ongoing federal investigation revealed the mysterious deadly lung illness caused due to the inhalation of this brand. An image was released by … Read more

Coca-Cola will soon bring its first-ever energy beverage to the US in 2020

Coca Cola Energy beverage

Coca-Cola is entering into the energy beverage market, posing a competition to giants like Monster and Red Bull. On Tuesday, Coco-Cola made an announcement that it’ll be launching an energy drink for the first time to the US next year. The upcoming drink will be marketed under the Coca-Cola Energy brand and will be coming … Read more

Fashion retailer Forever 21 lodges for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in the US

Forever 21 bankruptcy

Forever 21, the California-based fashion retailer has lodged for bankruptcy protection on Sunday in Wilmington, Delaware. The Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing allows Forever 21 to continue operating as it plans to close unprofitable outlets across the US. The firm said that it plans on exiting most of its international outlets in Europe and Asia. However, … Read more

Mattel is back with gender-neutral dolls


You got that right; Mattel this week is going to introduce the company’s first-ever gender-neutral dolls line which is gender-free. There have always been stereotypes associated with boys playing with dolls, for it wasn’t seen as ‘acceptable’. The coming up of this new gender-neutral line is already breaking the ‘stereotypes’ in many ways and it … Read more