Brooklyn Nets’ Newly Appointed Coach Steve Nash Details His Close Relation With Kyrie Irving

The hunt for the Brooklyn Nets new coach recently came to an exciting end. Hall of Famer Steve Nash was officially assigned as their new head coach which came as a surprise to everyone. The contract is four years long and this will be Steve’s first hands on experience as official coach. Lucky for Steve, the Nets team is filled to the brim with talented players like Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.

A coach and It’s team players relationship holds very high significance. While we all have heard about Durant and Nash’s bond, looks like Nash is quite excited to be guiding Kyrie Irving as well.

Kyrie Irving is already under the new coach’s good impression

Initially, Nash was a player development consultant with the Golden State Warriors. It was at that time that Durant also played for that team and they both developed a very respectable bond for one another. However, what’s fascinating is that the new coach has his eyes on another player in his new team.

In an interview, Nash had a lot of words to describe Irving. He clearly stated, “Kyrie is one of my favourite players of all time. He’s brilliant, skill level is historically off the charts, creative, guts, competitiveness. So, for me to get to coach him is really a pleasure.”

Nash also went on to narrate how far back they go. “We have a relationship going back to when he was a rookie, played against him, got a chance to train him for a couple of days in New York City after I retired, must have been 5-6 years ago. And I got a chance to speak to him since taking the job. I am excited to develop our relationship, watch him continue to show greatness on the floor and get to know him in a very meaningful way because he’s an incredible person.”

Steve Nash also described that the way Irving showed his support for the WNBA shows someone with a deep personality, something he really admires.

Can Steve Nash cement a path for the Brooklyn Nets for a ring?

Even though the two-time MVP was never able to win a ring in his playing career, he did win two rings as a consultant with the Warriors. The Nets General Manager, Sean Marks also has a relationship with Nash from their playing days in the Suns.

This could have been a major factor for his hiring because the duo have played together for two years and they would probably have a mutual understanding in the way they want to guide the team. Marks will hold faith in his former teammate to bring the Nets the success it so badly craves.