Bluetooth headphones to improve performance and audio sharing

Coinciding with the Consumer Electronics Show, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group has announced new updates. The announcements on Tuesday stated Low Energy (LE) Audio that is to roll out soon. The LE Audio will facilitate better sharing of audio as well as will also serve the people having difficulty hearing.

With the rolling out of the LE Audio, several people will be able to connect to the same audio source. Therefore, the update will facilitate people to sync to a particular source based on location. For instance, family or friends of the users will be able to watch movies, hear audios together.

This will benefit the students in lecture halls significantly. The students can tune in to the earplugs to eliminate interruption and disturbances in the lecture halls.

The current features allow users to connect to 2 different or the same devices for a single source at most. But, the new updates brought in will allow connecting more types of devices to a unique product.

Furthermore, the LE Audio will enhance the quality of the audio even while streaming with low rates of data. Hence, according to reports, the audio quality will remain high even when the source file is not of high quality.

Moreover, the introduction of Bluetooth hearing aids will benefit people with hearing defects to a large extent.

Stefan Zimmer, the Secretary-General at EHIMA (European Hearing Instrument Manufacturers Association) applauded the advancements.

Zimmer stated that the coming of LE Audio to the market is a significant development for the people who find difficulty in hearing. The audio system will henceforth allow people with hearing defects to access gadgets like phones and televisions. Therefore, this will contribute to these people for better hearing experiences.

According to reports, the LE Audio will be available early, in the first six months of the year.