Blake Horstmann Shares His Text Messages With Caelynn Miller To Try To Clear His Name

Bachelor In Paradise Star Blake Horstmann Exposes Caelynn Miller in a series of text messages screenshot that he shared to clear his image. Blake Horstmann was under so much fire when people found out that he has slept with both Caelynn Miller-Keyes and Kristina Schulman on back-to-back nights in April while they were at Stagecoach. The three have been a part of love-triangle that made Blake Horstmann look bad.

Blake said that he only released the text messages because there were a lot of attacks on his character on Bachelor in Paradise.

He also apologized to the fans for the mistakes that he made back in April. On Tuesday night’s episode when Caelynn Miller said to Blake, “I feel like a slimy, disgusting secret that you’re ashamed of. You literally told me to lie for you.”

To which Blake later told the camera, “It looks like [Caelynn and I] slept together and I bolted. And that wasn’t what happened. Sometimes you try to do the right thing — I didn’t want to disrespect Caelynn, I didn’t want to disrespect Kristina. Man, this is bad. I look like the worst human in the world.”

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Later that night Blake released some text messages that looked like that Caelynn is the one who forced Blake to sleep with her when all Blake wanted was just to cuddle. In the messages when Blake told her, “we can cuddle but no sex lol,” to which Caelynn responds, “Yes sex Only sex.”