Bigg Boss 14 October 30 Episode – Eijaz Khan Breaks Down, Tabaadla Divides the House Into 2 Clear Groups – 5 Highlights From Tonight’s Episode of BB14

The tabadla is going on in the Bigg Boss 14 house and that will see the red zone contestants takes their pick from the ones in the green zone and debate why they deserve to swap places with them. And with Eijaz being the captain, the decider on who swaps places from the red to green zone and vice versa and the captain being friends with everyone in the red zone, we wouldn’t be wrong if we sense some partiality here. We already saw how Nikki was transferred from the red to green zone and Kavita was sent there. As the episode progresses, we see the tabadla process move forward. Check out the other highlights of the episode below: Bigg Boss 14 October 30 Synopsis: Safe Green Zone or Dangerous Red Zone: Tabadla Task Will See All the Issues Of Bigg Boss Contestants Come Out,

Eijaz Khan Breaks Down

Eijaz Khan, who is the one hearing the Tabaadla proceedings, breaks down on hearing Kavita’s harsh accusations over feeling used by Eijaz. He tells Naina, Shardul and Nikki that he does not need Kavita’s help in making his career better. He cries in front of Nikki that this is why he finds it difficult trusting people and the lady consoles him. Kavita on the other hand, is seen telling Abhinav and Rubina that she did wrong trusting Eijaz. Bigg Boss 14 Preview: Eijaz Khan Breaks Down Into Tears; Rubina Dilaik Questions Pavitra Punia’s Character (Watch Video).

Jaan Kumar Sanu and Nishant Singh Malkhani Fight It Out

Jaan’s issue with Nishant stems from the fact that the latter gave up on the captaincy task while he promised Jaan that he won’t. While Jaan says that he had given up his captaincy for Nishant, the latter claims that Jaan was foolish and he lost his chances of entering the Green Zone because of his own decisions. Eijaz sides with Jaan and calling him rational and Nishant as illogical. Eijaz is seen telling Jaan and Nikki that he has no feelings towards Pavitra and asks them to not over-do the linking up. He tells them he will tell Pavitra about his stance eventually.

Rahul Vaidya and Jasmin Bhasin Lock Horns

Rahul says that he is opinionated and says that he has issues with Jasmin and her friends for making a mountain out of a molehill. He says that comments about his upbringing and his character were hurtful not just for him but also for his parents too. Rahul also adds that Jasmin’s clothes in the buzzer task were wrong, a comment that even his friend Nikki finds faltu. Jasmin says she has never been fake and has always performed. She also refutes Rahul’s allegations and says she will give back the same way that she has received. Eijaz says she wants to give Rahul a fighting chance and gets him in the green zone.

Pavitra Punia and Rubina Dilaik Go At It

Pavitra accuses Rubina of sitting with a mudda and calling every small physical fight during the task as ‘himsa’. Pavitra accuses Rubina of misunderstanding her behaviour and calling her violent. Rubina defends her deon the other hand, accuses Pavitra of betraying people. Eijaz chooses Pavitra to come into the green zone and sends Rubina into the red zone. It was very transparent Eijaz! Bigg Boss 14 October 29 Episode: Eijaz Khan Becomes the Captain, Big Tabadla Takes Place – 5 Highlights of Tonight’s BB14 Episode.

Pavitra Punia Creates A Mudda Over Her Clothes

Pavitra and Nishant get into a war of words over the former’s clothes. While Nishant says he will keep her clothes outside the red zone, Pavitra says women there (Rubina, Jasmin, Kavita) don;t respect another woman’s clothes. She breaks down and Eijaz consoles her. Eijaz later tells her that too much is happening between them and things need to be cooled down between them.

There was way too much screaming in tonight’s episode of the show. In the next episode, we’ll see Rahul’s over-friendly ways irk Nikki who tells Jaan that she feels like slapping Rahul. She says that every girl is right in the house  when they call him ‘keechad mein gira hua aadmi’ and Jaan calls him cheap. They discuss that they want to clear and say some things to Rahul and says Rubina and gang were right when they called him ghatiya. In the Weekend Ka Vaar episode, we’ll see housemates pick who is which contestant’s puppet and the puppet queen is supposedly Rubina Dilaik. And Salman Khan obviously brings up the topic of ‘Nepotism’.

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