Bhoomi Movie Review: Jayam Ravi and Niddhi Agerwal’s Social Drama Falls Victim to Bad Writing and Execution (LatestLY Exclusive)

Bhoomi Movie Review: Jayam Ravi and Niddhi Agerwal's Social Drama Falls Victim to Bad Writing and Execution (LatestLY Exclusive)

Bhoomi Movie Review: After Mohan Bhargava, now it is the turn of Bhoominathan (Jayam Ravi) to denounce NASA to save his native village back in India. If Mohan Bhargava opted not sending satellites to space for lighting a bulb in Swades, then Bhoominathan thought it was better to bring back green revolution in Tamil Nadu, rather than do farming in Mars. That’s the premise of Jayam Ravi’s new film, Bhoomi, written and directed by Lakshman, that has released directly on Disney+ Hotstar. Jayam Ravi’s 25th Film Bhoomi To Premiere On Disney+ Hotstar On Pongal 2021!

During the gap in his NASA project, Bhoominathan comes to his village in TN on leave with his mother (Saranya Ponvannan). After a perfunctory romantic track with his old flame (Nidhhi Agerwal), Bhoomi gets a reality check about the state of affairs back home. While he dreams of harvesting crops in Mars, Bhoomi realises that farming is a dying profession in his home, with farmers in penury and their kin joining corporate companies.

Deciding to change the state of affairs on his own, a guilt-stricken Bhoomi sacrifices his NASA job and shows his people that agriculture is still a viable profession. Of course, this puts him on the red ledger of the baddies, especially the nefarious corporate bossman Richard (Ronit Roy).

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Bhoomi starts off on a promising note, bringing attention to an issue that needs serious addressing. It also comes out at the right time when Indian farmers are on protest against the government, alleging that corporate interference could only ruin the state of farming. While Bhoomi has a very anti-corporate stance, I couldn’t help but chuckle at the irony that the film is sold on an OTT platform owned by a corporate over a regular theatre release, even if COVID-19 is the reason. Bhoomi Full Movie in HD Leaked on Tamilblasters & Telegram Channels for Free Download and Watch Online; Jayam Ravi’s Film Becomes the Latest Victim to Face the Wrath of Piracy.

Anyway, the initial portions do have some interesting scenes, that is, after Bhoomi

wastes time on a pointless love track, that at least gives its leading lady some dialogues to say. The rest of the film only sees Niddhi stuck to the PYT trope, silently standing next to her man, and then occasionally dancing with him.

Once we get to the main plotline, Bhoomi gains some momentum and our attention. The sequence where Bhoomi schools the corrupt Minister of Agriculture (Radha Ravi) is a good one. However, while the social themes are appreciable, the hero’s methods to solve the crisis (including looking back at how our ancestors done well in the field) feels too, well, what’s the apt word to use, ah… ‘fantastical’. There are no small steps here, just some major strides that looks good in an unrealistic piece of cinema, but comes across as sci-fi IRL like Bhoomi’s Mars project, which also mentions a pill that can make people survive on carbon dioxide. That looked like a more interesting subject for a film BTW!

Though it raises sporadic levels of interest in the first half, Bhoomi takes a nose-dive with the entry of the main villain. While Ronit Roy is dashing as the antagonist, his character profile is paper-thin – just drone in a monotonous tone, while draped in pristine clean suits. The scenes between him and Bhoomi hardly passes muster, and so are the sequences where Bhoomi tries to upstage him in his game. The most annoying part about the film is how it ends – actually, the director forgot to add any proper ending to it!


– Jayam Ravi’s Performance

– The Topical Theme


– The Writing and Execution

– Wasting the Supporting Cast

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Jayam Ravi’s Bhoomi takes a very serious conversation matter and turns into a highly optimistic, but substanceless WhatsApp forward. Bhoomi is streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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