Bear Grylls Makes Akshay Kumar Drink Elephant Poop Tea! 5 Disgusting Things British Adventurer Made Celebrities Eat or Drink On His Show

Into The Wild With Bear Grylls is on everyone’s mind right now. An episode featuring Akshay Kumar in the lead is soon going to air on Discovery Channel. The makers are giving glimpses of the interesting episode that is lined up for the fans of Khiladi Kumar. However, the latest glimpse is going to stun them all as Akki was made to drink an elephant poop tea by the host, Bear Grylls. The superstar said in his tweet that he expected stiff challenges but Bear surprised him with elephant poop tea! But this is not the first time the host made his guests drink or eat weird and disgusting things. Into the Wild With Bear Grylls and Rajinikanth: 5 Moments From Discovery’s Special Episode Jotted Down For Every Thalaiva Fan!.

Earlier, in a celebrity episode of ‘Running Wild’,  he made actor Armie Hammer drink milk from a goat’s teat. However, Armie made peace with it saying, “I just squirted the freshest milk I’ve ever had in my life in my mouth. I’m actually surprised — and happy — to say it was delicious.”

This was not as surprising as the worst comes now! The Fast & The Furious actress Michelle Rodriguez went overboard with her adventurous snack. Bear made her eat….are you ready?….a boiling a dead mouse in a cup of her own urine. Yep, she took a bite of that thing in the Bear Grylls hosted reality show Running Wild.

Chinese basketball executive and former player Yao Ming said straight away a NO to what was offered to him by Bear to munch. Nothing much, it was just a dead rat covered with maggots. Good decision, Ming!

Thankfully, former US President, Barack Obama was spared from the chilling food choices of Bear Grylls. He was made to gnaw on the salmon that was partially eaten by a bear. Not Bear Grylls. The animal- bear.

Tennis game icon Roger Federer is also one of those celebrities who actually ate a terrible thing during his stint with Bear. So he was made it an unimaginable ‘food’ and that was a blood-filled fish eye! Enough said. Well, these were five instances where Bear Grylls pushed the celebs out of their comfort zones when it comes to regular eating habits. This is something only a few could do so watching Akshay take up this challenge will be fun!

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