AT&T customers can now stream ‘Control’ on their phones, tablets and PCs

Following a pilot last fall that saw AT&T test Google’s technology to allow its customers to stream Batman: Arkham Knight, the carrier is back with a new game. Starting today, AT&T mobile postpaid subscribers can play on their phones, tablets and computers at no extra charge. To access the game, all you need to do is visit the company’s website and input the phone number and ZIP code associated with your account.

No download is necessary as you’re streaming the game through the same technology that powers Stadia. AT&T envisions a future where publishers could use the technology to offer limited-time demos of their games. The carrier says you could search for a game and then, if you decide to buy it, your progress from the demo would carry over. Coincidently, that’s functionality Google already offers in Stadia through the platform’s “Click to Play Trials” feature.

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