Are Women Motorcyclists Safer Than Men?

Motorcycling conjures up images of tough guys with big bikes hitting the road whenever they want. In recent years, women have found the world of motorcycling holds just as much appeal for them as it does for men. For women, it’s all about the freedom to go where they like. Bikers, like everyone else, have been left to wonder: are women motorcyclists safer than men? For those who study the topic, the answer is a big, loud YES!

Many factors are at play when looking for why women tend to get into fewer accidents and ride more safely.

These include:

  • Better training and education,
  • Younger riders,
  • Taking safety classes,
  • Lighter bikes.

Better Training

Often, women who ride motorcycles have more training than men. Women tend to take the time to find out exactly how to get on a bike and stay there without falling off or getting into an accident. A woman will ask the experts what to do before hopping on the bike, while operating it, and coming to a stop. That allows them to pay close attention to detail and remain confident riders.

More Education

In general, a better education means increased safety when operating any vehicle. People who have more years of schooling under their belt are more likely to have the ability to respond to changing situations as they happen. More women than men complete at least some form of post-secondary education in the Un ited States. This holds true when it comes to those using motorcycles too.

Women who choose to ride motorcycles are more likely to have more years of education than men who bike. This also reduces the risks associated with motorcycle crashes.

Safety Classes

Safety classes have been repeatedly shown to help drivers avoid injuring themselves and the people around them. Women tend to take more safety classes than men. Women also choose to take more intensive safety classes that get into how a bike works and how to maintain it in between the rides. That gives them the edge when it comes to operating the vehicle in the real world. A fully prepared driver for anything is a driver who knows how to react no matter what is happening.

Age and Socializing

The average age of a male motorcyclist is roughly mid-forties. For women, it’s a decade younger. As people age, their senses dull. Older people may have issues with hearing and sight. Younger people are more likely to see a pedestrian at night and hear someone honking.

Women are also more likely to go biking for social reasons. They’re not motorcycling to go as fast as possible on a deserted road at sunset. They seek the company of others. That makes them far less likely to engage in dangerous behavior when operating a motorcycle.

Lighter Bikes

One of the single most significant issues when riding is the size of the bike in question. Heavier bikes are more prone to cause injury even after a simple fall. A larger bike can break your bones and cause massive head trauma. Women have lighter frames, so they look for motorcycles that match.

Women will find bikes that aren’t going to hurt someone even if they make a wrong turn. A lighter bike also gives the biker much more control. She can hit the road safely knowing that she isn’t likely to be in danger when she’s riding a two-wheeler.

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