Apple TV+ adds every episode of ‘Fraggle Rock’ ahead of reboot

Apple’s plans for Fraggle Rock extend well beyond the recent mini-series. Hot on the heels of Apple ordering a reboot of Jim Henson’s legendary kids’ series, 9to5Mac notes that Apple TV+ now offers the entire back catalog for the show. That’s a rare move for a company that has so far been reluctant to offer any material on TV+ that it didn’t produce itself.

This isn’t just a completist streak on Apple’s part. If it hadn’t obtained the existing library, you would have needed to visit one of HBO’s services to see any older episodes. Apple has been willing to forego legacy content before with Amazing Stories

and Ghostwriter, but those aren’t as deeply ingrained in the cultural zeitgeist as Henson’s work. This ensures that kids and nostalgic parents stay on Apple TV+ no matter how much of the series they care to see.