Apple releases iOS 13.1 and new iPadOS almost a week before the original scheduled date

Apple’s recent iPhone iOS 13 software is available already, but now, you’ll get to install its 1st major update, i.e. iOS 13.1. Besides, you will also get to revamp your iPad using the new iPadOS which Apple has developed for tablets exclusively.

The iOS 13.1, as well as iPadOS, originally had a 30 September release date. However, Apple rolled out the update nearly a week earlier unexpectedly. This may probably be associated with the bug experience which a few developers, as well as beta testers, reported in the iOS 13 software.

Apple may be known best for the hardware it develops. However, it is really the seamless merger of its software with its devices which actually sets the company apart from rivals.

Apple’s ability to maintain control of each facet of its devices is what makes the company a powerful tech giant today. Its iOS mobile software is refreshed each year and is launched when new iPhones are released.

The latest iPhones, iPhone 11, 11 Pro as well as 11 Pro Max hit the store shelves on 20 September. If you own an old iPhone model, you still can upgrade to the iOS 13 software to enjoy some new features in the newest iPhones. Besides, starting Tuesday you can also install the iOS13.1 update and latest iPadOS which unlocks new abilities in iPads.

What’s new in iOS 13.1?

  • Share your estimated time of arrival (ETA) in maps:

When you are navigating to a place using the Apple Maps, you will now be able to share your ETA with any contact.

  • Apple Music converts into a karaoke system:

Apple Music app will display lyrics in the form of a karaoke stream now.

  • Improvements in Shortcuts app:

iOS 13.1 helps create shortcuts with much more ease thanks to recommended automation for generating shortcuts for various tasks.

Besides, there is also a new Audio Sharing feature in iOS 13.1 which allows pairing two AirPods pair temporarily to an iPhone to share audio.