Apex Legends is going to have solo mode very soon for temporary basis

One of the most popular games of 2019, Apex Legends is introducing solo mode play starting from 13th August. It was developed by Respawn Entertainment LLC, who also created the Titanfall franchise.

Although the solo mode for Apex Legends is not a permanent feature in the game, it may gain a lot of fans. Developers are incorporating this feature on a lot of request of fans. People requested solo mode as they were forced to play with anonymous people.

The solo mode is available till 27th August, where it will be removed and the feedback of the players will be taken. It may be reintroduced again after reassessing the feedback from the customers.

The Iron Crown Collection Event will feature a solo mode of Apex Legends from 13th to 27th August. Different new skins and cosmetics will also be added to the game in the solo game; you can choose your drop point, keep all the loot money to yourself and explore the map on your own.

The Community Manager of Respawn said that details about solo mode will be released later with the release of Iron Crown Collection Event.

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Fans are speculating that players will not like the solo mode, but developers have introduced the solo mode on request of fans only. It is not permanent, that is why they are depending on the feedback of customers.

Apex Legends is exclusively made for the team playing and it feels like team playing is innate in the game. Games like PUBG and Fortnite are suitable for solo mode, but according to the game design, solo mode won’t suit the Apex Legends.

This solo campaign or “Iron Crown Collection Event” is a testing step for the company, as it will tell them how streamers take it.

Let us wait for the fans to react to the solo mode of Apex Legends.