Anheuser Busch donates 7K Hand sanitizer bottles to Ohio National Guard

Anheuser Busch, the brewing company, based in America, might not actually be a part of Ohio, but is all out and open when it comes to helping the neighbors when needed. The company is based in St. Louis of Missouri and has recently dropped off about 7000 hand sanitizer bottles in Ohio as help towards the Ohio National Guard.

This donation will eventually benefit the ones in this state that need these sanitizers the most. This gesture from Anheuser Busch was thanked by Mike Dewine, the Ohio governor on Twitter. The post thanked the company and mentioned that the hand sanitizer would be used for the ones that need it.

To this, Anheuser Busch went on to respond by stating that this move is a hope to send in a bit of COVID-19 relief to the neighbors and friends in Ohio. With the use of the hashtag, #InThisTogetherOhio, the company showed that they will always support their neighbors and stand by them when in need.

Given the pandemic crisis beaming all around the world, Breweries in the United States have started to change their overall production model to create the things needed the most such as hand sanitizers.