An Overview of Root Canal Therapy

Most of you will be scared at the very thought of getting dental treatment done but it must be done sooner rather than later. Even though you may think of it as a very painful procedure but instead it is done in order to relieve your pain. Basically, the root canal treatment is the process of elimination of the infected area of your tooth and protecting the rest of the area from further damage and infection.

Root canal therapy is also called endodontic therapy. It includes a series of steps for the process to be called completed. Firstly the endodontist, who is the root canal specialist, will remove the tooth, the tooth has a hollow area called the pulp which contains all kinds of the nerve that are connected with the brain. They are responsible for causing sensitivity and pain.

Photo Credit: Brian Kylm

The dentist will remove the pulp inside the tooth, which also includes the removal of nerves. After this procedure, the tooth will become dead. Now the doctor will clean the whole area and disinfects it. He will shape the root canal for the perfect fitting of the tooth then he will fill the hallow area with filling and some adhesive for the fixing of the tooth. During the whole process, you will be given anesthesia so that you will not feel any kind of pain.

If you are looking for Root Canal in Manhattan, I suggest reading the article on the given link. This is written by a true dentist who specializes in the area and he will give you some clear facts about the whole treatment along with causes and precautions. The cost of the whole process varies and depends on different factors. However, it is still a cheaper option than getting the tooth removed entirely.