Amazon rainforest fires are probably human-lit, say, environmentalists

The fires in Amazon rainforest is raging and humans likely are the reason behind it. As per environmental researchers and organizations, the wildfires raging in the rainforest were caused due to loggers and cattle ranchers. The sole reason for this is to chop off the rainforest and use the land in support of Brazil’s pro-business President Jair Bolsonaro.

Majority of the wildfires are human-induced, said Amazon Watch program director Christian Poirier. During even the dry seasons, the Brazilian rainforest does not catch fire easily, he added.

Ranchers and farmers have long utilized fire in order to vacant the land, Poirier said, and likely are the reason for the unusual huge no. of fires blazing in the rainforest today.

What impact will it have on the environment?

The Amazon rainforest produces around 20 percent of the Earth’s oxygen and plays a key role in maintaining carbon dioxide (CO2) balance as well as the water cycle.

It harbors much of the world’s biological and cultural diversity and is a living depository of anthropological and pharmaceutical treasures.

However, as per World Wildlife Fund, if the fires, as well as the increased deforestation activities, are not halted, it may result in disastrous consequences for our flora and fauna. The Amazon rainforest may begin emitting carbon and could accelerate climate change.

In comparison to last year, the damage this year is unparalleled, said Poirier.

Why is Bolsonaro being blamed?

As news and images of the Amazon fire spread, several are demanding answers from President Bolsonaro. During the presidential election, Bolsonaro made promises for restoring the Brazilian economy by considering the economic potential of Amazon.

Now, the environmental organizations and activists say that he has instead encouraged farmers, loggers as well as ranchers to clear and burn off the Amazon never witnessed before. However, Bolsonaro denied these accusations and has speculated that the fires may be a result of lack of funds among the non-profit organizations.

Well, whatever may be the reason for the fires, the Amazon rainforest is veering towards potential disaster.