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Alicia Silverstone Says You Might’ve Been Clueless About How to Correctly Pronounce Her Name

Alicia Silverstone Says You Might’ve Been Clueless About How to Correctly Pronounce Her Name

Alicia Silverstone is back at it with the viral TikToks.

She joined the platform last week to hilariously recreate a scene from Clueless, with help from her 10-year-old son Bear and that iconic yellow plaid suit.

Now, she’s dropping a bombshell, revealing that we’ve all been clueless about how to correctly pronounce her name all these years.

The Baby-Sitters Club actress responded to the TikTok challenge, “Tell me what your name is and then tell me what people mispronounce it as.”

Dressed in all black, Alicia said, “My name is Ali-SEE-yuh… Not Alee-Sha.” She shrugged, before repeating the correct way to say her name, with a smile on her face. She captioned the clip, “Just an FYI,” and added a kissing emoji and a winking emoji.

Needless to say we’re totally buggin’!

But, naturally, Clueless

fans had the best responses. “NO ITS NOT. Your name is CHER!” one wrote with a bunch of hearts.

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Alicia clarified that she isn’t offended when people get it wrong. But it’s another story for her mom, Didi Silverstone.

“It doesn’t bother me though! But my sweet mama didn’t like it… so for her… get it right! Ali-SEE-yuh,” the Valley Girl star wrote.

The creator of the challenge, Mahogany Lox, responded too, writing, “thank you for stitching my video!!! Clueless is one of my all time fav movies [sobbing emoji] I even got a white Jeep and named it Cher!!! my heart [sobbing emoji] [heart].”

Alicia replied, “So cute,” with two hearts. She then commented two laughing face emojis when fans said, “My whole life is a lie lol” and “It seems I’ve been saying your name wrong my whole life haha.”

As Cher would say, everything I think and everything I do is wrong!

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