“Alex Got in and Scored More”- Christian Horner Rejects Gasly’s Excuses for Poor Red Bull Form

2019 saw Pierre Gasly pilot the RB15 alongside Max Verstappen. However, the Frenchman failed to go over 12 races as the Dutchman’s partner as he was struggling too much with the enhanced Red Bull car.

Eventually, Gasly was forced to vacate his seat in the cockpit of the Red Bull to Alex Albon in 2020. However, the Anglo-Thai driver didn’t fare any better as he took a considerable amount of time to settle into his car.

Verstappen is the only driver who could wield the new Red Bull car to his benefit. This is the prime factor behind Red Bull’s undying faith in the 22-year-old. However, it seems like Albon has successfully grown into the RB16, his maiden podium at Mugello is a testament to the same.

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Red Bull Chief denies Gasly’s reason for failure in 2019

Pierre Gasly recently claimed that he knew the exact reason for his failure at Red Bull. However, the young racer could not delve into the details for obvious reasons.

In this context, Christian Horner admitted that Red Bull’s car was not an easy drive, but it was quintessential to bridge the gap to Mercedes. ESPN recently approached Horner

with Gasly’s ambiguous statements, and the Red Bull chief dismissed them without a moment’s notice.

I’ve got no idea [what he’s talking about], to be honest with you. Really no idea,” replied Horner to Gasly’s remarks.

Horner explained the fact that Gasly got nothing less than what Verstappen had. Even after that, his performance got hampered because of his issues with the car.

Formula One F1 – Tuscan Grand Prix – Mugello, Scarperia e San Piero, Italy – September 11, 2020 Red Bull’s Max Verstappen during practice Bryn Lennon/Pool via REUTERS

Pierre had a very tough time in the car here last year, so I think it was the right decision to make; He has recovered in that environment, the car is easier to drive, that’s inspired confidence and he’s got his mojo back.”

Horner agreed to the fact that the Red Bull car had the ability to drain the confidence of a young racer. Therefore, Gasly was not at fault, yet he believes that letting him go was the right decision.

If we didn’t think he was worthy of being in Formula One, we would have released him from his contract, but we didn’t feel that was the case. We felt that circumstances had played out the way they had and that Alpha Tauri — or Toro Rosso as it was at the time — would be a better environment for him.”

Alex Albon has impressed the entire team with his performance since he took over the reins from Gasly. Although Verstappen needs a better driver to challenge him, Albon has what it takes to be better.

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