Alert! Canara Bank Inoperative Account Holders Take This Step Before 23 September 2021

Canara Bank circulates a notice currently for the customers who are having inoperative bank accounts in Canara Bank. In which bank mentioned that if you are having a bank account in Canara and not using it more than three years then you should have closed it as soon as possible.

According to the Canara Bank, Bank is going to start the procedure to close the bank accounts in which no transactions are being done for more than three years. So, bank has advised the customers who are having this kind of bank account can request in bank to reactive these inoperative bank accounts. Because in the absence of any action taken before 23-09-2021can result in closure of the accounts automatically.

For all the customers it is must to check the transaction in your account if you are not using your Canara bank account for a long time for checking the status of your bank account. For this customers can download the Canara Bank e Passbook


How to make your Non-operative account active again?

So, if you find your account non operative for more than 3 years then it is advised that visit your home branch with your updated KYC documents to make the account operative again.

How to Close a Non-operative bank account?

On the other hand, if you are not willing to maintain the account then start the procedure of closure of this inoperative bank account.

For this visit your home branch of Canara Bank with your Passbook, Cheque book, ATM Debit Card and Credit Card. And surrender these things to bank with the application of closure of bank account. You have to complete this procedure before 23-09-2021.

In addition, if you do neither resume your non-operative bank account nor close it permanently before the abovementioned date bank will close the account after wards without further reference to you.

After the automatic closure of the bank account, the un-surrender cheques and ATM/Credit Card will be cancelled automatically. And bank will not be liable for any further consequences if happened there after.

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