Alaska Airlines adds passenger health screening to check-in

Alaska Airlines will be adding a passenger health questionnaire as part of its check-in process.

The assessment is part of the airline’s “Next-Level Care” initiative and will ask travelers to confirm they have not exhibited COVID symptoms in the past 72 hours and have not traveled with someone who is symptomatic. The flyer must also agree to bring and wear a mask while on their flight.

“Caring for our guests and employees and ensuring their safety has always been our number one priority. COVID-19 has touched all of us in some way and it prompted us to fundamentally change the entire travel experience,” said Alaska Airlines CEO Brad Tilden in a press release. “Next-Level Care has been informed by medical experts, employees and guests, to ensure our customers are safe, whenever they’re ready to fly.”

The questionnaire will be available for customers via the app, kiosk check-in or the airline’s website.

The “health agreement” will be implemented across all Alaska Airlines flights beginning June 30, according to a news release shared on the airline’s blog about its enhanced safety policies as air travel increases during the summer months.

Alaska also shared it will have masks for anyone who forgot one, and will start giving out sanitization wipes to passengers beginning in July.

Alaska is not the first airline to increase its sanitization practices.

United Airlines announced Wednesday that it would be adding a health self-assessment as part of its check-in. Previously, the major carrier also launched an initiative in partnership with Clorox called “CleanPlus,” which provides customers with individual sanitization wipes, among other in-flight items.