AEW TNT Champion Miro takes a shot at WWE RAW Superstar

Miro has been undefeated in singles action since arriving in AEW, but he’s also undefeated when it comes to the social media game of trash talk as well.

The latest arrival to All Elite Wrestling, Andrade El Idolo, has made it clear that he’s part of the company to win some championship gold. Putting both AEW World Champion Kenny Omega and TNT Champion Miro on notice.

Omega has since responded, informing Andrade that wins and losses count in AEW, and he’s nowhere near ready to challenge for his title.

Miro, on the other hand, took a much more personal shot at his fiance, WWE RAW women’s superstar Charlotte Flair, over receiving undeserved title shots:

“This guy must think getting undeserved title shots runs in the family,” Miro tweeted.

Miro takes a shot at WWE’s Charlotte Flair

Miro capitalized on a popular theory from the WWE Universe that Charlotte constantly receives shots at championships in the company that she doesn’t necessarily deserve.

When you take into account that Miro’s wife, CJ Perry (Lana), is no longer part of WWE, you have to imagine that the TNT Champion has no fear now when it comes to taking shots as his former employer as they no longer have anyone there to punish with their booking.

While Andrade has responded to Kenny Omega’s comments earlier today while also taking a shot at WWE, we imagine that Charlotte has enough power backstage at RAW that comments from her fiance aren’t going to hurt her job standing with the company. The last thing Vince McMahon would want at this point would be to lose Flair from his women’s division.

What are your thoughts on Miro’s shot at Charlotte Flair? Are you looking forward to an eventual encounter between Miro and Andrade? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.