Adam Thielen’s wife thought his Lambeau Field slander was absurd

Adam Thielen's wife thought his Lambeau Field slander was absurd

Packers fans weren’t the only ones upset after Vikings wide receiver Adam Thielen ripped on Green Bay’s Lambeau Field — his wife Caitlin wasn’t a fan, either.

Earlier this month, Thielen was asked about his favorite road stadiums while on GOLF’s Subpar podcast.

“The whole stadium is not nice. There’s nothing fancy about it. It’s bleacher seats,” he said about the steel seats surrounding Green Bay’s home field, which has an outdated design compared to more modern NFL stadiums.

Despite explaining that Lambeau is his “favorite place to play” because of the longtime rivalry between the Packers and Vikings, Green Bay fans roasted Thielen on social media, so much that he shared the “firestorm” with his wife.

“I woke up this morning and showed my wife everything blowing up and she was like, ‘What are you talking about? Lambeau Field is the best field of all time,’ ” Thielen said Monday while on “The Pat McAfee Show

,” adding that Caitlin “loves” going to games in Green Bay.

Thielen went on to “add context” behind his initial comments about Lambeau Field.

“I’m not here to defend myself, but… to start the conversation, I did say it was one of my favorite places to play, then it went into, ‘OK I heard the locker room isn’t as nice,’ and they wanted me to elaborate on that and I went into saying what I said and ended up getting killed for it,” Thielen recalled.

“I will say, my favorite thing about Lambeau is coming out of that little little tunnel, walking out to the field, fans pouring beer on you.”

When asked if he thought in the moment that his comments would get as much attention as they did, Thielen said, “I actually recorded [the podcast] a long time ago… so I didn’t think anything of it and all of a sudden things started blowing up… but I was just saying what it looks like… I said what I said.”

Thielen, while on the Subpar podcast, added that his “favorite atmosphere” to play in is a toss up between Seattle’s Lumen Field and Mercedes-Benz Superdome, home to the Saints.

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