Actress and Model Amber Wang Makes Her Movie Debut in ‘Models Wanted’

Wang has been featured in many leading fashion magazines  

Chinese-born entrepreneur, model and actress Amber Wang has made her movie debut in “Models Wanted,” which explores the dangerous and degenerate world of sex trafficking.

“I’m so proud to be a part of this movie,” Wang said. “It has a great message that brings awareness to women about the dangers of sex trafficking.”

“Models Wanted” is an independent film production that explores the danger in freelance modeling and the link to sex trafficking. Many young people who seek to become successful in their career are drawn to freelance modeling to raise money for college, but are preyed upon by many unscrupulous individuals seeking to make a monetary profit. Many freelance models may be induced by force, fraud or coercion into the commercial sex trade, imprisoned as sex slaves and become rape victims. This problem not only exists domestically but internationally at an alarming rate.

Human trafficking is a form of modern-day slavery from which traffickers profit from the control and exploitation of others. Those vulnerable to human trafficking span multiple areas, such as age, socio-economic status, nationality, education-level and gender. Traffickers often prey on people hoping for a better life, lacking employment opportunities, having an unstable home life or with a history of sexual abuse – conditions present in all spheres of society.

According to the movie’s producers, “Our goal is to bring awareness to young independent female models regarding the dangers and scams that exist in the freelance model industry that may be naively ignored by young people. We want this film to be helpful and educational to many independent models to learn about these dangers and what they should look out for in this type of industry. We want them to be more conscious of their surroundings and the people they interact with. They should also learn how to be able to deviate away from risky behaviors that may potentially place them in harmful and even dangerous situations.”

Amber (Zhaowang) Wang was born and raised in Luoyang, Henan, China, and came to the United States for academic opportunity, but also chased her dreams of becoming an entrepreneur. Guided for her passion for fashion and love of the art of modeling, Wang shot to fame as an international model and actress. She has been featured in many top-tier publications, including Bazaar, Glamour, Vanity Teen, GQ, China Vogue, China L’Official and China Fashion Cosmopolitan.

Modeling was a surprising event in her life after she was spotted at a mall by a modeling agency. Once she gave modeling a try, she felt she was meant for this. “To be honest, I was surprised when I landed the first opportunity. I was not sure if I could do this. But standing in front of the camera, in the lights, it made me sparkle from within. Modeling made me happy, and when something you do makes you happy from within, you are meant for it.”

In addition to her modeling success, Amber is a recent graduate of Penn State University. She spent her time in college balancing schoolwork, photo shoots in Miami and acting in New York.  She hopes to change the modeling industry with her passion for sustainable fashion and empowering new and veteran models.