A fistful of Samsung Galaxy S21 phones is perhaps the ultimate leak

A fistful of Samsung Galaxy S21 phones is perhaps the ultimate leak

You’ve seen the leaks, renders, and leaked renders. Now, only a day before the launch, you can see what the entire Galaxy S21 lineup looks like in a real person’s hand, thanks to Twitter user Mr.Techie (via Android Authority).

The images also provide a good size comparison between the rumored regular, Plus, and Ultra variants of the phone. We also get to see at least three of the colors, and in my opinion the purple is looking very nice, but does seem to continue the trend of collecting fingerprints.

Mr.Techie also mentions that the S21 Ultra is on the thick side, though given its dark color it can be a bit hard to compare with the other phone he’s holding in the image. Given the rumored specs, that may not be too much of a surprise.

These leaks are coming in just under the wire, as the launch event is happening tomorrow. If these pictures don’t quite satisfy your curiosity, you can check out our article about what to expect at the event. At this point, it’s hard to imagine how anything more about these phones could be leaked, short of them showing up at people’s doorsteps tomorrow morning before the reveal.

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