90 Day Fiancé Clip: Ximena Is Unhappy With “Super Gross” Mike

Trouble in paradise?

In this exclusive clip from the Jan. 23 episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 DaysXimena confesses to a friend that she’s not entirely happy with Mike. During a FaceTime conversation, Ximena shares that, while there have been sweet moments with her American suitor, she’s turned off by his “super gross” behavior.

“If only you knew,” she laments over the phone. “He throws clothes everywhere like a kid. He’ll let out a fart in front of me. And he burps on top of you. So, it’s like, ‘Oh no!'”

Unfortunately for the Colombian resident, she isn’t exaggerating the situation, as a compilation of footage shows Mike’s icky antics, including open-mouthed burps, ill-timed farts and an ever-growing pile of dirty laundry.

Ximena calls the situation “funny” but “infuriating.”

Her friend’s response? “Oh no. Well, after a while, you feel more comfortable with your partner to do some things like that. And if it’s already starting up, how’s it going to end up?”