9 Common Causes of Premises Liability Accidents

Premise liability accidents can lead to huge legal claims. Understanding what types of accidents will successfully lead to a viable premise liability accident lawsuit is important. If you have this knowledge, you will be fully prepared to handle any issues that arise if you find yourself tragically injured in a premises liability accident. With this knowledge, you’ll be more likely to receive the restitution that will help you continue with your life normally post-accident as well. There are nine common causes of premise liability accidents that you should know about:

1. Slip and Fall Accidents

Perhaps the most widely known type of premise liability accident that people fall victim to, slip and fall accidents are also some of the most dangerous (and even deadly). Especially for older victims, the chances of suffering catastrophic injuries, such as a broken hip, are high. Hiring a compassionate premise liability accident lawyer to help litigate these cases is highly recommended.

2. Chemical, Fire, and Toxic Spill Accidents

Workers that perform their duties in industrial buildings are the most common victims of chemical, fire, and toxic spill accidents. When these elements are suddenly unleashed on an unsuspecting victim, they can cause intense burns, lifelong injuries, an increased risk of cancer, and even death. Thankfully, industries where these types of accidents are possible take many actions to help prevent them from occurring in the first place.

3. Dog Bite Accidents

While we love to think that every dog is cute and cuddly, some of them are unfortunately dangerous. If you’ve been bitten by a dog on someone else’s property, they are responsible for any damages that occur. If the dog is found to be especially dangerous and violent, further action against the animal (and its owner) may be taken in court.

4. Dangerous Step Accidents

Especially if you work or live in a city, the number of times you use steps, escalators, elevators, and other such transportation each day is hard to calculate. If there are avoidable hazards on these surfaces, they can lead to devastating accidents. Typically, those injured in these types of accidents can receive compensation from the property owner that failed to maintain the space properly.

5. Unsafe Swimming Pool Accidents

Enjoying a nice day poolside is always an invigorating experience. However, if a pool is not properly maintained, or if a pool has not met safety standards put in place by local governments, injuries are much more likely to occur. Whether you’re injured at a friend’s pool or a city-owned pool, you deserve restitution for any injuries that have befallen you on the property.

6. Water Spillage or Build-up Accidents

When mass amounts of water build-up, or spill over a surface containing the water, it can cause a ton of hazards to suddenly appear. The chances of slipping, electrocution, disease transferral and other dangerous situations shoot up drastically when water sources are not properly taken care of, after all. If you see water spillage or buildup that’s causing a hazardous environment, let the property owner and the city know about the situation immediately.

7. Unsafe Construction Site Accidents

Construction sites are incredibly hazardous if they are not run in a professional, strict fashion. Workers, or pedestrians, who are injured on unsafe construction sites can receive huge payouts if they are injured through no fault of their own. Once again, this is a situation where a quality personal injury or premise accident attorney can help you determine the damages that you’re entitled to.

8. Loose Flooring Accidents

Flooring is often so well kept that we never notice any flaws that might be present. When dangerous flaws exist in floors, such as loose boards or holes, they can cause devastating slip and fall accidents (as well as other injuries). Thankfully, businesses and public spaces do their best to keep spaces free from these types of trip hazards.

9. Unsafe Work Environment Accidents

Similar to what we discussed involving unsafe construction sites, a dangerous work environment of any kind can be a magnet for premise liability lawsuits. If you notice hazards or other dangerous conditions at your workplace, it’s your duty to let a manager know ASAP, as this could help save lives in the long run.

Stay Safe, Stay Vigilant

By staying vigilant at work, and in public, you can keep yourself protected from dangerous environments. Understanding how to hire a quality premise liability attorney when you are injured through no fault of your own is critical as well. By pointing out any hazards you do spot, you will ensure that you keep your community as safe as possible.