76ers GM Daryl Morey hilariously claps back at Ben Simmons question

76ers GM Daryl Morey was not in the mood to answer Philadelphia sports reporter Howard Eskin’s questions about Ben Simmons on Tuesday.

The back-and-forth between the two started innocently enough: Eskin simply asked whether Morey would consider trading Simmons if he received a package that upgraded the team.

“I’m not addressing Ben Simmons,” Morey said. “But any move that would help our team win the championship or improve our odds, we will look at and do if it makes sense to do that.”

OK, fair enough. So, anything’s on the table.

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But Eskin kept pushing even after that response. That led to a hilarious, snarky clapback from Morey. Here’s how it went down:

Said Eskin: “The only thing I’m trying to ask is will you look at the value of Ben Simmons as well as any other player on this basketball team to improve the 76ers?”

Morey responded: “So, you just defined the job of a general manager which is to assess everything, assess every player on the roster, figure out what is best to do with them to help us win a championship. So yes, I’m going to operate as the general manager of the 76ers, and I appreciate you defining my job description.”

That’s an epic retort from Morey. You can hear just how uninterested he was in getting into Simmons trade speculation in the full clip of the exchange.

Simmons has come under fire in the wake of his offensive struggles in the 76ers’ Game 7 loss to the Hawks, and seemingly everyone is manufacturing Simmons trade rumors as a result.

But Doc Rivers expressed confidence in the Sixers’ plan to improve Simmons’ shooting, so it appears the team isn’t ready to give up on the 24-year-old defensive star. Maybe if Philly’s plan goes awry, they’ll consider exploring the trade market — but Morey will evaluate if that needs to happen.

After all, that’s what general managers do.